The Style for the Adam’s Apple

TOM, TORONTO MEN'S FASHION WEEK - Toronto Men's Fashion Week

Fashion is something we all need to embrace, no? And that includes men. Yup. People often forget guys want to be stylish just like females, (in a different way though haha…or do they?) So, when I found out that Toronto Men’s Fashion Week  is happening through Tuesday 12th to Thursday 14th at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, I was more than happy to share this information! Most of the designers are Canadian based, from schools in Toronto like Ryerson University and George Brown. And this location for the event is just gorgeous, as you can see. The grandest hotel in Toronto I believe. Just looking at the picture gives that aura of grand.


Honesty I really want to go, heck, I would sneak in if I have too, but my ninja skills are kinda rusty hehe, and as well there is a certain age you have to go. (Curse my age restrictions!) I suggest you legal aged people participate, because it’s important to know all the styles, for women and men! Pricing isn’t bad for tickets, not at all, so what are you waiting for? Go and take some pics! I’ll be happy to know if anyone went.

Thanks for reading loves,

Alexandria Kingly

P.S If you haven’t known, the beloved actor Robert Williams has died. He was one of my favourite actors, especially in the movie Jumanji! Rest in peace Mrs. Doubtfire.

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