TREND ALERT: Western Eastern – Kimono and Fringe?

I always vowed I hated fringe. It looked tacky, sloppy, and simply not enough girlie elements to it. It reminded of the cowboy way too much, and no offense beauties of the south, I wasn’t a fan of the western style. Yet as I went to see a movie (Guardians of the Galaxy, a MUST see loves) I noticed a girl who was rocking the dreaded thing, but to my surprise I…liked it. Loved it even. And the only way I liked the fringe I realized was that it was paired with a beautiful kimono over sweater. Ever since, I started to see it everywhere, and I couldn’t deny it: I loved the bloody thing. And I needed to get one!


Haha, all went down before the kimono fringe jacket came to be

Of course, kimono is a style orientating from the Eastern part of the world while fringe is more of Western kind of thing. But how the two cultures integrated and created something so chic…I was mind boggled.

Some things I like is the Reverse Sweet Worship Velvet Fringe Kimono from Nastygal, which by the way, has a total gothic feel to it! (Something to look out for Fall trends FYI!) Even Forever 21’s Paisley Fringe Kimono has got me hyped for the trend. Out of them all, I j’adore Zara’s take on it – printed jacket with fringes. It looks really beautiful, and the colours compliment the upcoming fall season.

Zara jacket - a must buy loves!

Zara jacket – a must buy loves!

I swear this style is going to be big, and if I’m wrong well, Nothing. Im just wrong haha.


Thanks for reading loves,

Alexandria Kingly





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