The Fashion Student Life: My first three weeks @ RU


Yup, I should have posted this WEEKS ago, but oh boy the work piled up on me! Let’s just say becoming a first year university student takes a toll on you, especially being a fashion student.

And I’ll tell you why my darling readers.

I’m going to Ryerson University, taking Fashion Communication, hence striving to achieve a degree in design. This was a difficult program to get in, especially the list of requirements for a portfolio. And after that fateful day of receiving an acceptance letter to the program, I thought the least of my worries were over!

Uh, hell no to that.

First day, I had three classes, which sadly I got lost for two out of the three. (not fun). And my first term I have to take six courses, SIX courses for goodness sake! It is Art History, Fundamentals of Design and Colour, Textiles, Intro to Fashion, Construction, and Patternmaking. The first four are manageable, but the last two I want to jab my head against the wall. I never knew how difficult it was to be a designer loves! I honestly want to bow down to people who say they want to make clothes, because it’s very difficult, (patience is required). Thankfully I only need to take design for one year, so I’m going to hold my fingers till then.

I’m so anxious if I’ll ever make it through, and it’s only been three weeks! But I just gotta push, no? Anyone can understand the stress of post-secondary, so that’s why with a focused head you can survive. Oh I miss the days of senior year of high school where I literally did NOTHING. I had so many spares I was like a bum chilling with a Tim Hortons Latte everyday. (which is ironic because I still do, but with a stressed mentality hehe)

Oh, but this program absolutely has its perks! I get flooded with emails everyday about internships, jobs, events, etc, all fashion related. Like for example I’m going to be volunteer at Latin American Fashion Week, which is something you guys should definitely attend or help out. And as well, I’m trying to become a member of the Fashion Union at Ryerson, (which is something I really hope I can get in to!) Even on the 10th of September I went to the fashion show, called Intro, which is second year student design pieces strutting down the runway!

The one in blue, yup that's meh~

The one in blue, yup that’s meh~

This experience is indeed stressful, (mid-terms are creeping up on me!) But I realize it’s indeed worth it!

(As long as I have my dark roast coffee haha)

Thanks for reading loves,

Alexandria Kingly

TREND ALERT: Western Eastern – Kimono and Fringe?

I always vowed I hated fringe. It looked tacky, sloppy, and simply not enough girlie elements to it. It reminded of the cowboy way too much, and no offense beauties of the south, I wasn’t a fan of the western style. Yet as I went to see a movie (Guardians of the Galaxy, a MUST see loves) I noticed a girl who was rocking the dreaded thing, but to my surprise I…liked it. Loved it even. And the only way I liked the fringe I realized was that it was paired with a beautiful kimono over sweater. Ever since, I started to see it everywhere, and I couldn’t deny it: I loved the bloody thing. And I needed to get one!


Haha, all went down before the kimono fringe jacket came to be

Of course, kimono is a style orientating from the Eastern part of the world while fringe is more of Western kind of thing. But how the two cultures integrated and created something so chic…I was mind boggled.

Some things I like is the Reverse Sweet Worship Velvet Fringe Kimono from Nastygal, which by the way, has a total gothic feel to it! (Something to look out for Fall trends FYI!) Even Forever 21’s Paisley Fringe Kimono has got me hyped for the trend. Out of them all, I j’adore Zara’s take on it – printed jacket with fringes. It looks really beautiful, and the colours compliment the upcoming fall season.

Zara jacket - a must buy loves!

Zara jacket – a must buy loves!

I swear this style is going to be big, and if I’m wrong well, Nothing. Im just wrong haha.


Thanks for reading loves,

Alexandria Kingly





Nominated?! The Libester Award and What it is

Liebster Award

So an unexpected yet blissful thing happened to me while I was at visiting my aunt in the hospital. Two lovely bloggers from the site THE FASHION DORKS nominated my blog for the Liebster Award, and boy that made my day! I only wrote three posts (one of them only being intro)! and someone thinks I should be nominated. I’ve never been nominated before, so this is a new feeling for me.

But what is it? Let’s break it down.

  • An award that is given out by bloggers, for bloggers, and exists as an internet award.
  • The purpose is to encourage the flow of blogging, especially that of new bloggers.
  • Similar to chain mail – once you get one, you should accept it with pride and nominate a blogger you like! It doesn’t hurt to do.
  • Awards? There’s one! And it’s the nice little feeling inside realizing someone is acknowledging your work. (I kept giggling throughout the entire day, how embarrassing!)

Now that’s done, let’s get this show on the road!

The rules are…

  • You have to link back to the person that nominated you.
  • You must answer all 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
  • After completing these questions you must nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers and give them 11 questions of your choice.
  • You must not nominate the person who nominated you.
  • You must let your nominees know that they have been nominated and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it.


  • At which store do you shop the most and why?                                      

Absolutely M for Mendocino! J’adore that store from the bottom, (and top?) of my heart. Love the boutique clothing they infuse with their style and display, and quality is ah-amazing. Funny how it’s a Canadian brand and I’m Canadian.


  • What makeup do you use for special occasions?                                           

My Sephora Collection False Eye Lashes. Brings that extra oompf! to your eyes. (Plus I feel I could fly away with them haha)


  • What is your favourite beauty product?                                                          

My mascara. I freak out without an application on. The new one L’orèal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga is something I’m really taken a liking to!


  • What is your favourite fashion accessory?                                                    

Hats. I honestly have a new obsession with them, and with Fall coming, you’re going to expect it getting worse hehe.Urban Outfitters really have some stylish ones.


  • Who is your fashion idol?                                                                            

Even though I don’t listen to her music, I really adore Taylor Swift’s style. All her looks are beautifully elegant.


  • Which items does your favourite outfit have?                                                

My current favourite is a lace skater dress from Forever 21, Tan Fringe Poncho from M for Mendocino, and my brown floral lace ankle boots from Steve Madden. Delicate yet bold.


  • Where do you shop more – on the internet or in person?                              

If I could, online handsdown. I just scroll constantly through sites, because it’s fun discovering new stuff. But in reality I’m a go-in-store kind of gal.


  • What do you wear on your cozy day?                                                             

My salt and pepper pattern original pants from Roots, (But they’re missing!) and my white knitted sweater from Forever 21.


  • Which pattern is currently your favourite?                                                

 Ooohh, I gotta say pockadots. Any size will do, any colour would do, just give me pockdots!


  • Describe your style!                                                                                    

 Girlie 100%, but heavy on neutrals and structured cuts. Love layering. And lace. Never too much lace for this lady over here.


  • What type of shoes do you like the most?                                                

 Oxfords and Loafters. Men’s shoes are the epitamy of style for me. Balances my girlie outfits, plus they’re really confortable!

So here are the ah-amazing blogs I nominate:

kerstie ladd

the archive

Beauty By Copperstar


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The Pretty Canary


Fashion Nova


House of Constantine

And these are my questions for you!

  1. If you can pick era of fashion you would live in, what would it be?
  2. What’s the most ridiculous fashion trend you’ve seen since forever?
  3. Favourite designer brand?
  4. What would you pick to be flawless for the rest of your life: Makeup, hair or clothes?
  5. Which Fashion Week would you like to have VIP access to? (New York, London, Paris, Milan, Berlin for example)
  6. Which fashion icon would you like to meet if you could? (Dead or Alive)
  7. What aspect of the fashion industry would you like to work in? (Besides Blogging)
  8. What’s you statement makeup look?
  9. Favourite fashion television show?
  10. What Fall/Winter trend are you most excited about?
  11. Describe your personal style.

Have fun with these questions!

Thanks for reading loves,

Alexandria Kingly

P.S Happy Birthday Coco Chanel! (August 15) Let’s spread the love of the famous French designer, no?


First Post! Let’s get introductions started, shall we?

Hello Readers! I’m SO EXCITED! Today I’m officially starting my blog besides my tumblr one. I really wanted to expand my blog besides beautiful pics (Not that it’s a bad thing!) and WordPress is really a great place to put your thoughts out there. This site would have more in depth of what I did before, like fashion trends, but I also want to do anything relating to the industry, including art, events, and even the Toronto life. I cannot wait to start posting more. This is going to be fun hehe.

Thanks for reading loves,

Alexandria Kingly

P.S. My last name is Regis, but translate in Latin means Kingly. Neat, huh?