The Fashion Student Life: My first three weeks @ RU


Yup, I should have posted this WEEKS ago, but oh boy the work piled up on me! Let’s just say becoming a first year university student takes a toll on you, especially being a fashion student.

And I’ll tell you why my darling readers.

I’m going to Ryerson University, taking Fashion Communication, hence striving to achieve a degree in design. This was a difficult program to get in, especially the list of requirements for a portfolio. And after that fateful day of receiving an acceptance letter to the program, I thought the least of my worries were over!

Uh, hell no to that.

First day, I had three classes, which sadly I got lost for two out of the three. (not fun). And my first term I have to take six courses, SIX courses for goodness sake! It is Art History, Fundamentals of Design and Colour, Textiles, Intro to Fashion, Construction, and Patternmaking. The first four are manageable, but the last two I want to jab my head against the wall. I never knew how difficult it was to be a designer loves! I honestly want to bow down to people who say they want to make clothes, because it’s very difficult, (patience is required). Thankfully I only need to take design for one year, so I’m going to hold my fingers till then.

I’m so anxious if I’ll ever make it through, and it’s only been three weeks! But I just gotta push, no? Anyone can understand the stress of post-secondary, so that’s why with a focused head you can survive. Oh I miss the days of senior year of high school where I literally did NOTHING. I had so many spares I was like a bum chilling with a Tim Hortons Latte everyday. (which is ironic because I still do, but with a stressed mentality hehe)

Oh, but this program absolutely has its perks! I get flooded with emails everyday about internships, jobs, events, etc, all fashion related. Like for example I’m going to be volunteer at Latin American Fashion Week, which is something you guys should definitely attend or help out. And as well, I’m trying to become a member of the Fashion Union at Ryerson, (which is something I really hope I can get in to!) Even on the 10th of September I went to the fashion show, called Intro, which is second year student design pieces strutting down the runway!

The one in blue, yup that's meh~

The one in blue, yup that’s meh~

This experience is indeed stressful, (mid-terms are creeping up on me!) But I realize it’s indeed worth it!

(As long as I have my dark roast coffee haha)

Thanks for reading loves,

Alexandria Kingly